The Government of Georgia will host the 5th OGP Global Summit in Tbilisi, Georgia, on July 17-19, 2018. The Summit will provide an excellent opportunity for leaders from OGP’s 76 participating countries, local governments, and beyond to exchange ideas on how they are making their governments more transparent, accountable, and responsive to citizens.

Please register for the Global Summit at www.ogpsummit.org and send your questions and/or feedback to summit@opengovpartnership.org.
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Jean-Noe Landry

Open North
Executive Director
Jean-Noé Landry is a social entrepreneur and Executive Director of OpenNorth. As an civic open government activists, he convenes data stakeholders, promotes data standardization, and connects governments to their data constituents. As a co-founder of Montreal Ouvert (whose mission is now complete), he advocated for the City of Montreal's adoption of open data as official policy. As an entrepreneur, he scaled CitizenBudget, an online budget simulator designed to engage citizens in budget decision-making, to more than 90 cities across North America. He also co-founded Connexité Montréal, a social innovation incubator that fosters problem solving projects through data and citizen collaboration. With a background in organizational change and conflict resolution, he spent 15 years in international development and has worked in more than 12 countries, including Serbia, Kenya, Tunisia, and Ukraine providing support to political institutions and civic movements on coalition building, policy development, and democratic elections. He has led OpenNorth to collaborate with all levels of Canadian government, from Federal institutions to small municipalities, while connecting Canada's open data community to the global open government movement, including the Open Data Charter, Open Data 4 Development, and ParlAmericas. Most recently, he was part of the steering committee that created the Canadian Multi-stakeholder Forum, which is the official medium through which civil society will engage the Government of Canada on the implementation of open government action plan. He continues to lead OpenNorth to develop new models of inclusive and open smart cities and shared data governance in an era of open data and government transformation.