The Government of Georgia will host the 5th OGP Global Summit in Tbilisi, Georgia, on July 17-19, 2018. The Summit will provide an excellent opportunity for leaders from OGP’s 76 participating countries, local governments, and beyond to exchange ideas on how they are making their governments more transparent, accountable, and responsive to citizens.

Please register for the Global Summit at www.ogpsummit.org and send your questions and/or feedback to summit@opengovpartnership.org.
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Ines Pousadela

Civicus: World Alliance for Citizen Participation
Senior Research Specialist

Inés M. Pousadela is a Policy and Research Officer at CIVICUS, a researcher for OGP’s Independent Reporting Mechanism in Argentina, and an associate researcher at the Institute of Communication and Development (ICD) in Uruguay. She holds a PhD in Political Science (UB), a Master’s Degree in Economic Sociology (IDAES-UNSAM), a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science (UBA, Argentina), and two Photography degrees from Montgomery College (USA). For the past few years she has alternated academic research in Latin American Studies at American University (CLALS), Brown University (BIARI Program), Georgetown University (CLAS) and the University of Maryland (LASC), and independent political consultancy with NGOs and international organizations. She has produced several books, chapters and articles on political representation, mobilization, participation and accountability, as well as resources for civil society practitioners in Latin America. As a CIVICUS Policy and Research officer, Inés focuses on civic space restrictions and social movements’ resistance around the world and particularly in Latin America. Her research feeds into CIVICUS’ advocacy campaigns on civic space core freedoms.