The Government of Georgia will host the 5th OGP Global Summit in Tbilisi, Georgia, on July 17-19, 2018. The Summit will provide an excellent opportunity for leaders from OGP’s 76 participating countries, local governments, and beyond to exchange ideas on how they are making their governments more transparent, accountable, and responsive to citizens.

Please register for the Global Summit at www.ogpsummit.org and send your questions and/or feedback to summit@opengovpartnership.org.


Tuesday, July 17

18:00 GMT+04

Wednesday, July 18

09:00 GMT+04

14:00 GMT+04

14:30 GMT+04

15:30 GMT+04

Breaking Up Vested Interests: Turning Open Contracting Data into Systemic Political Change Funicular: TentLindsey Marchessault • Clare Rewcastle Brown • Karol Ilagan • Kivutha Kibwana • Anastasiya Kozlovtseva • Romain Talès What's Next on Beneficial Ownership? Company Leadership and Implementation through National Action Plans Funicular: RestaurantRobin Hodess • Yunus Husein • Maira Martini • James Swenson • Zosia Sztykowski • David Ugolor • Erica Westenberg Civil Society's Role in Opening Government and Monitoring Civic Space: Restrictive Trends and Creative Responses Funicular: Glass RoomDuncan Edwards • Zohrab Ismayil • Suneeta Kaimal • Semanur Karaman • Emil Omarov • Ines Pousadela • Alex Sardar How to Design and Implement a Multistakeholder Forum to Oversee the OGP Process – Country Experiences, Challenges, and Lessons Learned Funicular: Underwheel 3Levan Samadashvili • Amélie Banzet • Carolina Cornejo • Gonzalo GUERRERO • Cecile Leguen • Michael Peters • Manuel Barros Riveros Initiating and Elaborating Participatory Budgeting: Barriers and Triggers Funicular: Underwheel 1Kristina Reinsalu • Miguel Arana Catania • Liia Hänni • Dmytro Khutkyy • José Manuel Ribeiro Navigating Open Government and Shifting Space: Perspectives from the Fiscal Justice Movement Funicular: Underwheel 2Brendan Halloran • Joy Aceron • Timothy Kiprono • Stefan Verwer Advancing Open Government through Legal Empowerment and Access to Justice Funicular: BallroomZaza Namoradze • Mila Carovska • Walter Flores • Germán Garavano • Mari Kiviniemi • Marlon Manuel • Thea Tsulukiani Impact, Opportunities, and Challenges for Open Government and OGP in the Eastern Partnership Funicular: Mural RoomJeff Lovitt • Veronica Cretu • Ziya Guliyev • Giorgi Kldiashvili • Katarína Mathernová • Oleksandr Saienko • Maia Tskitishvili • Zuzana Wienk • Artak Zeynalyan

16:30 GMT+04

17:00 GMT+04

17:30 GMT+04

Thursday, July 19

09:00 GMT+04

Advancing Aid and Budget Transparency for Development: Shared Experiences and New Frontiers Funicular: Underwheel 2Elise Dufief • Claire Schouten • Dmitry Mariyasin • Marika Natsvlishvili • Oluseun Onigbinde • Lorena Rivero del Paso • Carolyn Myers Zoduah Publishing and Re-Using Open Data to Strengthen Public Integrity Funicular: Underwheel 3Sam Van der Staak • Elodie Cuerq • Gonzalo GUERRERO • Catherine Kardava • Renzo Lavin Managing Political Transitions: Continuing Reforms through Leadership Changes and in Challenging Times Funicular: Mural RoomJoy Aceron • Jonathan Bell • Michael Peters • Anthony K. Selmah • Nada Zohdy Spotlight on Reformers and Tools: Reaching New Stakeholders, Protecting Space for Dialogue Funicular: RestaurantPeter Varga • Ivy Ong • Colm Burns • Susan Coughtrie • Stacey Cram • Marina Mkhitaryan • Sarah Onduko • Stefano Pizzicannella • Manuel Barros Riveros • Anna Rurka • Nada Zohdy Abriendo Gobiernos en Américas: Qué Aprendimos y Hacia Dónde Vamos Funicular: TentEmilene Martínez Morales • Rosario Pavese • Leah Cedeño de Boersner • Marta Ferrara • Camilo Ernesto Romero Galeano • Angelica Maytín • Alvaro Samayoa Regional Dialogue for Open Government Partnership Funicular: Glass RoomEdna Karadža • Matija Vilfan • Aida Ajanović • Kemal Bajramovic • Dragana Brajović • Gordana Gapikj Dimitrovska • Zorana Gajic • Paul Maassen • Goran Pastrovic • Ivan Radulović • Nevila Repishti • Ratka Sekulović Transparency for What? Going Beyond the Openness Rhetoric Funicular: Underwheel 1Michael Cañares • Joyce Cudjoe • Yanuar Nugroho • Lejla Sadiku

09:30 GMT+04

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10:30 GMT+04

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